UI in a Nutshell: 15 Vital Steps to Create Perfect App Design

Most of the laymen think that success of mobile app or just a digital product lies in hardcore coding. But applications are made by programists for users, not for another programists. So, vital part of future success is proper UI (User interface) that determines UX (user experience). Our guide is not about basics - it will tell you, how to create perfect design.

No Generalization

Most of mediocre developers don’t pay a proper attention to adjustment of screen size. As a result, some devices run application smoothly and nicely, but other have screwed graphics and lagging. To prevent such situation it’s better to create a line of custom graphical solutions to the screens of each size.

Listen to User

Programs and apps are created for users, as we previously said. In that case it’s crucial to be attentive to user needs and experience. Collect the data: feedback via internal tools of your app, meet your user face-to-face and just watch them using your product.

Be Universal

Your product should be meant to run perfectly on different platforms and devices. Remember it while creating UI.

Format is Important

Inappropriate file format can hang your download worse than huge size of the file. So, choose format wisely according platform and its function.


On the best tool of creating suitable UI is iteration. Every iteration is putting you closer to perfect design that will satisfy user.

Colour Helps

You can use such a basic concept as colour to improve UI: mark changing of process status in the app with colour and it’ll help user to define if there is activity on the screen or not.

Round Corners

It’s simple: add more round corners to your buttons and icons to soften the whole look.

Be Simple

Simplicity must be cornerstone of your UI concept. User should be able to use basic features of your app in a few steps and design should help him, not puzzle.

Adjust Shadows

If your design includes shadows, use it very accurate and balance it precisely: achieve the same positioning of the shadows on the screen according to imaginary source of light.

Don’t Mess with Contrast...

Design of your app shouldn’t remind user of unreadable presentation in MS Powerpoint made by his\her school teacher. It means that colours of fonts and background should be chosen carefully and compose high-contrast without eye strain.

… and fonts

Going back to Powerpoint presentation: don’t use bizzare, unreadable and small (below 12 pt) fonts.

Keep in touch with your Platform

Creating of joyful and user-friendly design shouldn’t run counter to content of your platform. Main rule is simple: UI have to easily and effectively lead user to contents of app.

By Human for People

Always remember that you are creating design for real people and their real needs. Imagine, how the will use certain features and interact with interface.

Test Everything

Don’t ignore beta testing and assurances. Detailed research before release will save you money, nerves and reputation.

Don’t Forget about Security

Keep in mind that UI developers should communicate with backend developers to create secure and safe application. One of the important feature is to publish data so that user can learn all about safe usage quickly and clearly.

That’s it - 15 helpful tips for UI designer. Remember - UI is a tool that should help user to deal with your app. It shouldn’t be very complicated or sophisticated, but still it is a field of your creativity and fantasy. Stick to our rules and create your own, specific UI.

As a bonus, several hand mobile app design tools: Sketch, Axure and Marvel.