Top Simple Project Management Software Options

Simple project management software can greatly simplify project planning work if it is right for your company. Learn the pros and cons of the various programs you can use and the options of project management software in this reference.

Why Look for Simple Options for Project Management Software?

Focusing on the simple options of management software will improve the productivity of everyone involved in the project and will reduce the time spent on planning. Focusing on an easy-to-use program gives authority to all team members, saving training time. If you make a small effort to find programs that are intuitive for team members, not for you, your rewards will be exponential. With simple software, users can control their own experience. If you do not want to worry about the details of the Gantt chart or do not need the resource leveling function, you can skip the purchase of all the comprehensive programs. To help you choose a simple PM tool, here is a list of the best programs that are simple to learn and use.

Central Desktop

Central Desktop is a good choice of simple PM software. If your team is in a remote location, or if you need a lot of collaboration, you should consult the central desktop. In this program, users can collaborate on documents, plan tasks and milestones, track problems, save completed task records, etc. Central Desktop is software on demand. That is, the program is delivered to users through subscriptions.

Projecturf 2.1

In Projecturf 2.1, you can create a project plan by clicking and dragging. Projecturf 2.1 is an incredibly simple but useful PM tool. In Projecturf 2.1, you can track not only one project but also several projects. You can understand all the projects that you have executed at a glance. This program has a new Gantt chart function. Many subscription-based programs are uploaded to a user, but Projecturf allows you to add as many resources as you need. In Projecturf 2.1, users can customize documents created by programs with color and corporate logo. Select only the functions you want to use for the specific project you are working on. The price of Projecturf 2.1 is based on the number of projects you use and provides the benefits of unlimited users and unlimited storage space.

AEC FastTrack Schedule 10

FastTrack Schedule 10 will return your project to orbit.

AEC FastTrack Schedule 10 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple software solution for project management. The program provides three different views of schedule, resources, calendar. A big part of this program is that you can download templates that the project needs. The project templates available to FastTrack Schedule 10 users ranging from company to academic templates. This means that any project you can imagine can be traced with this program. You can program either by effort-based programming or by fixed-period programming. AEC's simple project management software is visually highly mastered and learning is very easy. FastTrack Schedule 10 will receive a refund of $ 349 for full licenses and $ 179 for upgrade licenses.

How to Choose Simple Software

When looking for easy-to-use project management software, it's important that you and your team focus on creating a list of features to use. In this way, you can find a perfect program, without trying to buy complex programs that are too complex or sophisticated. But if there are a lot features needed, or you feel that there is a lot of tasks, projects or team members to be managed, you should consider more complex solutions or even a custom solution. If you have doubts about the software needed, or you have definite requirements, please, do not hesitate to contact us.