Featured Cases

Social Network


One of our projects was dedicated to the development of video-streaming iPad application which could ensure safe communication and deliver chile-friendly user experience. Our clients strived to create a social platform that would eliminate all unwanted contacts. We built an application that provides users with interactive functionality including browsing pictures and taking photos during the call. Parents can also restrict children’s access undesired contacts.

Construct Resources

Working with a construction company, we were asked to build a custom ERP system that could collect, store, and manage data from comprehensive business workflow starting with product planning and purchasing, to inventory management and payment. The system provides an integrated view of the business process and monitors key performance indicators including cash, materials, staff, order status, payroll and others. Besides, the system shares data across all the departments.

RV Monitor

A tablet application was designed with the IoT technologies with the integration of Bluetooth mediator device to enable the program to indicate RV conditions and facilities information. App designers arranged data in an effective way ensuring that all the indicators are displayed in an efficient way. Battery data includes a battery, auxiliary, and solar voltage and current, charging indication, time remaining to discharge. It also displays the temperature inside the RV, water tank level, and clock.
Finance, Logistics

Road Fee

The application presents a greater visibility of our customer’s company services, providing users with a greater control of their accounts. We developed the program in collaboration with a toll road development company revolutionising the way customers engage with the company services. It enables users to manage their accounts, make both manual and automatic payments, and update vehicle information. Besides, the applications provide users on their trip history along with the integrated map.


Working with an Australian health and medical insurance provider, our team has built a mobile application for Australian and New Zealand residents enabling them to check their account details and make quick claims. Our task was to provide customers with a self-service tool that would divert workloads on customer service center providing them with streamlined and user-friendly experience. App functionality also includes access to the remaining annual benefit on extras, and claim history and find the nearest location of the retail centres.


The application presents a slick iPad solution with complex betting functionality that delivers users innovative mobile betting experience. The application enables users to make live bets and view the results in real time and live scores for betting events, and access to balance, deposit and withdrawal options. Our team worked closely with the customer ensuring that we meet design- and feature-related requirements.