Languages for App Programming: What’s the Difference?

The mobile application development industry has grown by leaps and bounds, changing the way global companies operate. As companies have recently combined mobile apps with their productivity and rapid innovation of cross-platform mobile devices, they require mobile app developers to write multiple versions of apps to multiple platforms using a single language and many reusable codes. Our developers are top professionals in a variety of languages for app programming and we are ready for your project of any complexity.

Choose the Correct Language for App Programming

After you plan to deploy a mobile app, you should check it out, understand the target market, and restrict the platform to find the right developer for your app programming. They will help you to choose a programming language having your business strategy in mind to build native, cross-platform or hybrid applications.


HTML5 is the ideal programming language if you want to build mobile-facing web apps. Although it facilitates the insertion of various data types, considering different screen sizes, rationalizing input parameters and even balancing browser games, the problem with HTML5 is that it is still a proposed standard. Today, many different browsers support many different forms from an economical point of view, with the advantage of building the current version of HTML - making the learning curve lighter than the new one.


As the premier programming language for iOS apps, Apple chose Objective-C to build robust, extensible applications. As a superset of C, it has many features that deal with graphics, I / O and display functions accurately. In addition, as part of Apple's development framework, Objective-C is fully integrated with all iOS and MacOS frameworks. However, it is now being replaced by a more powerful language called Swift.


Swift is the latest app programming language to enter the Apple ecosystem, especially considering its popularity when writing the latest Apple, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch API code. While being a written language with Objective-C, Cupertino clearly turned the iOS developers into complete programming with Swift. The goal of eliminating many of the security vulnerabilities that Objective-C may now have is the time for mobile developers to migrate to Swift, as many companies want to hire Swift to develop expertise in the development of cutting-edge mobile apps using the language.

C #

As the most coveted programming language for Windows Phone app development, C # is widely used by our programmers. Although the Windows Phone platform is not a watershed for the development industry, C # is the perfect programming language for building powerful Windows Phone apps for loyal users of Microsoft.

C ++

This is the most appropriate and powerful programming language for building apps for Android and Windows, especially for low-level programming, and continues to be the preferred one on developer platforms. As a powerful programming language, C ++ enables apps to be developed for almost every purpose on all existing platforms. It may not be super fashionable, but it even occupied the programming world before the smartphone revolution.


Java is one of the most popular languages ​​in Android app programming. Java is an object-oriented language developed by Sun Microsystems that can be run in two different ways: in a browser window or in a virtual machine without a browser.

This flexibility usually means a lot when reusing codes and updating software. Although Java does not have much to do if you are thinking about developing iOS, when it comes to cross-platform mobile applications, cross-platform applications, it is definitely on the list of your choice.

Full-Stack Developers

Our team can boast of professional skills in many programming frameworks and languages. Contact us to discuss your project and will choose the right technologies and the development approach to achieve the best results.